The scope of this project consisted of construction management and inspection services associated with the construction of water utilities, drainage system, roadway improvements (resurfacing, striping and signage), street lighting and landscaping located primarily within the N.E. 33rd Ave. Right-of-Way and adjacent / intersecting roadways.


The services included:  


Attend pre-construction meeting(s); reviewed and processed payment applications, approved Schedule of values, monitored/tracked contractors’ schedule and work progress. Requested and reviewed schedule modifications to maximize the contractor’s time and resources. Coordinated, reviewed and approved the contractor’s MOT plans. Maintain an accurate monitored logs, including, correspondence, submittals / shop drawings, RFI’s, change orders, deficiency reports, payment applications and responded to contractor request for information in a timely manner. Conducted and coordinated the technical reviews and return of contractor submittals in a timely manner. Coordinated and monitored inspection procedures and made site visits, as necessary; assisted / coordinated with utility companies (BellSouth, FPL, cable, etc.) and city departments as required, attended neighborhood meetings and / or city commission meetings as requested. Determined the need for any changes order, provided a summary and justification for changes as well as, cost estimates. Assisted negotiations with the contractor conducted weekly / bi-weekly meetings to evaluate contractors' progress and resolved any issues. Prepared and distributed meeting minutes; oversaw substantial and final inspections, prepared and tracked punch list items; reviewed and processed record drawings; and provided certifications and final permits.

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Performing complete project management services

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